WrapSense hydrocarbon leak detection system provides Operators with an adaptable solution that can be leveraged to monitor sections of pipe ranging from a couple of meters to a couple of kilometers.  The flexible WrapSense chains can be up to 100 meters long and features individually addressable 2-meter sensors along its entire length.

Current & future Operator installations:

  • Stuffing boxes at well heads
  • Below ground vaults
  • Bottom of pipelines that transit above-ground creek crossings
  • Below large-diameter storage tanks
  • Refineries where multiple pipelines go through culverts at road crossings
  • Pig launchers/receivers


WrapSense connects to Direct-C’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Edge Device, which continuously monitors the sensors 24/7.  Completely self-contained, the IIoT features internal batteries and communication equipment (cellular or satellite modem, depending on deployment location) meaning there is no additional infrastructure required from Operators.

In the event of an exposure to liquid hydrocarbons, the IIoT powers up its internal modem and sends the alarm notifying Operators of the situation.  Typically Operators receive the notification in 2-3 minutes after the alarm threshold on the sensor has been activated.