Rapidly deployable, SubSense ground probes allow clients to monitor specific sites of concern.  High consequence areas, water crossings, areas of known corrosion distress – simply install one or more SubSense units and reduce the risk of an undetected leak.

Units are completely self-contained and easily installed on site.  Each battery-powered unit operates independently for 2-4 years, communicating with Direct-C’s servers via cellular or satellite modems to provide regular status updates.  In the event liquid hydrocarbons are detected, an instant alert is transferred, triggering pre-arranged notifications to the operator.

Example deployment areas:

  • High consequence areas such as water crossings, sensitive ecological terrain, high population areas
  • High risk areas such as known corrosion and defect locations
  • Underground valves, vaults
  • Directional-drill transition points
  • Other areas of concern