The PatchSense solution involves affixing a sensor directly to the area where monitoring is desired on both above ground or below ground pipelines that have been excavated.  Direct-C uses a proprietary polymer applied to a thin flexible film. Then using a compatible adhesive, it is placed in direct contact with the pipeline surface.

PatchSense Mobile

A stand-alone unit suitable for individual installations, PatchSense Mobile is an excellent method to add additional peace-of-mind to areas of concern.  Attach the flexible leak detection sensor to the pipeline, connect it to the small aboveground battery operated controller unit and you’ll instantly have immediate notification of leaks originating from that area.  

PatchSense™ Net (Gateway plus Nodes)

Multiple sensor strips are applied to a pipeline, storage tank, etc., all of which are connected to a PatchSense Node (up to 8 strips per node).  These nodes communicate via shortwave radios to a PatchSense Gateway, which in turn summarizes the data and transmits it to Direct-C’s server.  The Gateway is capable of monitoring thousands of nodes within a 10 km radius.  

For an above-ground pipeline, PatchSense sensor strips can be made in 5-meter segments, allowing each node to monitor a 40-meter stretch.