Direct-C Launches SubSense™ Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System and Monitoring Services

Direct-C Launches SubSense™ Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System and Monitoring Services

Direct-C Launches SubSense™ Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System and Monitoring Services

Berlin, Germany – March 12, 2018 – Direct-C Limited (“Direct-C”) unveiled and launched at the 2018 Pipeline Technology Conference, its advanced SubSense™ Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System and Monitoring Services.

Based around Direct-C’s proprietary nanocomposite hydrocarbon sensor material, the main benefit of the new system is the elimination of false positive leak detection incidents while maintaining high sensitivity which allows pipeline operators to take immediate remediating actions.

Rapidly deployable, SubSense™ ground probe units are completely self-contained and easily installed on site. The probes are mounted close to (but not touching) the pipeline using safe, industry approved hydrovac procedures. Each battery powered unit operates independently for 2-4 years, communicating with Direct-C’s servers via cellular or satellite modems to provide regular status updates. In the event liquid hydrocarbons are detected, an instant alert is transmitted, triggering pre-arranged notifications to the operator. The probes would typically be used in high consequence areas and at locations along the pipeline system that have identified a higher risk of failure (such as known corrosion or cracking, dents, coating disbonding, river and road crossings, etc.).

Adrian Banica, CEO of Direct-C commented: “We are very pleased to unveil our proprietary nanocomposite-based sensing solution to the oil and gas sector. This is the culmination of 4 years of research and product development by our team and is the first in a lineup of leak detection products that Direct-C will be launching in the near future. We believe that the combination of our system’s ability to eliminate false leak detections and the ease of targeted deployment at specific high risk locations will provide hydrocarbon pipeline operators a valuable new tool for their integrity management programs.”

For more information on SubSense™, it’s technology and specifications as well as Direct-C’s other products and services, go to the company’s website at

Direct-C Limited ( is a technology company that has developed a breakthrough proprietary polymer nanocomposite coating based on compounds specifically designed to only detect and react to liquid hydrocarbons (typically C4-C20). The coating is used in the implementation of a variety of hydrocarbon pipeline leak detection solutions that provides unparalleled performance

for the integrity monitoring of oil and gas infrastructure. Zero false positives, instant alerts, and precise locations – all which lead to enhanced response times to unexpected incidents.

For more information, please contact:

Direct-C Limited.

Adrian Banica, CEO
Phone: 780.441-1950

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