Direct-C Announces First EU Patent Grant

Direct-C Announces First EU Patent Grant


Edmonton, Canada – February 12, 2019 – Direct-C Limited (“Direct-C”) is pleased to announce that the EU Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number EP3058312 entitled “Sensing Element Compositions And Sensor System For Detecting And Monitoring Structures For Hydrocarbons”.

This patent, which is currently also under final review in Canada and the United States, covers our proprietary nanocomposite sensor material and its deployment as a sensing element that may be applied on to a surface of a hydrocarbon transportation and/or storage structure for sensing hydrocarbon leakage, mechanical stress, and/or temperature changes, or may be built into a small surface area sensor.

Having this patent awarded in the EU is significant as it provides protection in multiple countries. In addition, the EU patent is important as the European hydrocarbon storage and transportation sector represents roughly 30% of the worldwide market and it has historically been proactively adopting leading-edge technologies for monitoring this infrastructure for failures or structural degradation.

“The newly granted patent covers important aspects of Direct-C’s nanocomposite sensing technology and this issuance constitutes a strong pillar to our overall intellectual property portfolio and strategy, particularly in the EU. It also provides the platform to expand our commercialization and partnering efforts throughout Europe.” stated Adrian Banica, Direct-C’s
Chief Executive Officer.

For more information on Direct-C’s technology as well as the company’s products and services such as SubSense™, refer to its website at

Direct-C Limited ( has developed a platform sensor technology that uses a proprietary, polymer-based nanocomposite “paint”. This “paint” can be applied to any surface of interest that requires large area measurements for temperature, stress/strain/cracking and chemical exposure (such as a building, bridge, engine, pipeline, etc.) or it can be built into small area sensors that provide location specific measurements. The first revenue generating commercial market application deploys a formulation specifically designed to detect liquid hydrocarbons and is currently used in the implementation of a variety of oil leak detection solutions that provide unparalleled performance for the integrity monitoring of oil and gas infrastructure. The solutions provide zero false positives, instant alerts, and precise locations of a release – all which lead to enhanced response times to unexpected incidents.

For more information, please contact:
Direct-C Limited.
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