Operators expressed a need for a rapid deployment option that will monitor all assets located within a berm.  Often in remote locations, key requirements were: easily installed by Operators, independent solution, no ground-disturbance permits needed, very cost effective.

BermSense achieves all of the above.

BermSense units are mounted to commercially available tripods, with sensors beginning at ground level and offering ½ meter to 3 meters of vertical coverage.  Sensors are connected to Direct-C’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Edge Device, which continuously monitors the sensors 24/7.

Completely self-contained, the IIoT features internal batteries and communication equipment (cellular or satellite modem, depending on deployment location) meaning there is no additional infrastructure required from Operators.  In the event of an exposure to liquid hydrocarbons, the IIoT powers up its internal modem and sends the alarm notifying Operators of the situation.  Typically, Operators receive the notification in 2-3 minutes after the alarm threshold on the sensor has been activated.